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Andy Tolbert & Guests

Who Else is Ready to Know the Foreclosure Secrets that Super-Successful Realtors Know?

How to list them, sell them, and invest personally!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Are you intrigued by the “house flipper” shows on TV?
  • See your clients making big bucks AND investing for their future?
  • Or maybe you just got a call from a past client who needs your help…

Remember the awesome foreclosure seminar presented by Andy Tolbert that you attended recently?  Well… many of you have since been calling the title companies as well as my office asking “What’s next?  We want more!”

            Ok, You Asked!   We Listened!

Presening...An ALL-DAY seminar designed Just For Agents Like You!

Ready to Register Now and Save Your Seat?  Click Here

You responded so overwhelmingly to the idea of a one day seminar just for agents that we wanted to get it on the schedule as soon as possible. On May 17th I will be holding a one-day training that will cover 3 critical areas:

  1. How to become your own best client and become an INVESTOR
  2. Advanced foreclosure strategies and pitfalls
  3. How to Really negotiate a short sale with the lender


Let’s go over each of these in a little bit more detail…

You Are Ready To Become An Awesome Investor!   CONGRATULATIONS!


Do you remember why real estate is the MIDEAL investment?

M – Motivated Sellers!  They NEED to sell, not just want to
I    - Income!  Both Quick Chunks of Cash AND Long Term Income
D  - Depreciation!  You get to LIE to the IRS and say you lost money even when
you didn’t!  AND, it offsets ordinary income…reducing your income tax bill
E  - Equity!  Motivated sellers hand us chunks of equity, and then if you keep the property, it continues to grow!
L  - Leverage!  You don’t even need any money to start buying and selling

For some of you, that simple little acronym really hit home…

You Want Those Benefits! 

Every day you sit at your computer and find houses for other people…isn’t it time you bought one for yourself?  Or better yet…10!  (because 10 is better than one!)

I’m not talking about buying something full price and hoping it goes up, and I’m also not talking about buying a chunk of raw land and sitting on it until it’s worth more.  That’s what I call speculating, and I don’t believe that it is a good wealth-building tool for most people (at least not in the beginning).

What I show you how to do is buy properties anywhere from 10, 20, 30, to 40% or more below market value.  Doesn’t that sound like a sound investment?

What we’ll be covering…

  • The basic steps to analyzing an investment property:  what should you offer?
  • My top 5 favorite places to find properties to buy under value
  • Andy’s secrets to using the MLS to mine for properties
  • Your real estate license:  Help or hindrance?
  • Contracts for investors, what’s different?
  • And lots more!

Did the 3-hour foreclosure class just cause an itch for more knowledge that you can’t seem to scratch?

We only had time to give you an overview of the process, now we’ll spend a little more time on such things as:

  • Reading and understanding the foreclosure documents like lis pendens and judgments
  • What can happen to the seller in a foreclosure?  Deficiency Judgments and 1099’s – Oh My!
  • What do you need to do differently as a Realtor vs. an investor?
  • And lots more!


Ready to get down to the nitty gritty of getting a short-sale closed?

Let me start by telling you…I DO SHORTSALES!  I do a couple a year, and I have a pretty high acceptance ratio on the ones I work on…
And yet…I am not THE expert. 
So I’ve brought in the best in the business to cover this section.  In the afternoon we will have Curtis Brooks and Steve Dillon. These guys are the real deal when it comes to negotiating short-sales, in fact, Steve used to be a loss mitigator for 12 years and he has negotiated over $2 Billion in short sales in his career! This event will give you a huge insight into the world of shortsales and how to get them closed consistently ensuring success for both you and your clients. 

What to Expect
What will you get when you attend the one day event?

  • You get 3 distinct seminars wrapped up into one full day (investing, foreclosures, and short sales)
  • You will get a copy of the manual that goes with the class
  • You can bring your spouse with you (if you can share a manual)
  • You will get us pouring out our brains' deepest darkest secrets for an entire day.
  • An absolutely mind-blowing day that will expose you to opportunities in real estate that you have never even considered before.

What you WON”T get:

  • A fancy-schmantzy leather bound manual, it’s a spiral bound packet of forms, documents, and ideas that can make you rich (it’s the stuff ON the pages that has all of the value!)
  • Gourmet lunch, snacks, or coffee…bring your own coffee (have you seen what hotels charge for coffee?)  If you want me to provide coffee, I can’t do it for the price we’re offering it! (we will take breaks though)
  • Fluff!  This info is going to blow your mind!  Bring a lot of paper to take notes…and some aspirin for your hand cramps!

 Why should you make time in your busy schedule to attend the one-day?
My background as a Realtor, Mortgage Broker, and Investor has given me an edge in everything that I do.  At the one-day seminar, I will show you how to use your background and education to your advantage in every situation.  I will also use MY background as the president of the local real estate investment association (reia) for almost 6 years and the contacts I’ve made to bring in some excellent trainers for the afternoon session on short-sales.

The investment is just $49 for the entire day, including all 3 sections. Not only that, but we believe so strongly that your spouse needs to be on board with what you are doing that we will let them come with you for no extra charge! (just give us their name when you register so we can save a seat for them)

The Class is on Thursday, May 17th, 2007 which is just around the corner, so register today to reserve your seat.

Two Ways To Register

  1. Click Here for the .pdf of the registration form, complete it, and then fax it back to 407-328-0980, or
  2. Call Stacy at 407-328-0970 and she will fax or email you the form or take your registration over the phone.

Register Now To Reserve Your Seat!

 We can’t wait to see you there!


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